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Photos from Kit Peck

November 1968
Mr Pearson and Hugh Walker – just two men on that day. And one boy – brave fellow!


December 1969:    On the steps of the vestry.
This photo comes from Elizabeth Duncan, third row from the back on the right with long hair. It shows that by then there was only a handful of boys in the choir. Keith Hutchinson is peeking out from behind Mr Pearson, and Ronnie Bond is turning to look at the girls. Ronnie became the organist and choirmaster after Ronald Peck, who is sitting on the bottom step next to Celia Duncan on his left.


November 1971: The wedding of Ronnie Bond to Linda
Ronnie became organist and choirmaster after Ron Peck and went on to a similar post in Richmond Parish Church. It shows an unidentified priest, David Price, Ron Peck and the ‘red girls’. There are very few men in the choir at this point, though some may have been absent on that day.