Junior Choristers


Junior choristers begin to take a more active role in the choir. On Sundays they stand next to more senior choristers who help them find their way through the service and find the right music. Junior choristers wear a medal with a light blue ribbon. Junior Choristers and Probationers have the chance to be chosen as ‘Chorister of the Week’ and wear the coveted medal with a yellow ribbon, if they have distinguished themselves in some way at practice or in the service.
Friday practice for Junior Choristers lasts one hour
When the Director of Music thinks they are ready to be promoted to be Choristers, Junior Choristers are given a short test when they will be asked to

• Sing a verse of a hymn of their choice
• Sing back a chant (the four quarters separately)
• Name two or three things that demonstrate the qualities of a chorister – such as punctuality, regular attendance, giving a good vocal lead, helping more junior choristers

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